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This site is owned and operated by Amy and is copyrighted ©. There are many things here to see and learn. I hope you enjoy your visit and stop back again soon.

I have created another site !!!

The web address is www.amysboxers2.8m.com

Stop in and see it there are updated pics of my fur babies there.

 Hope to hear from you soon

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If you know of a boxer in need...... Email me....
Every Boxer deserves a second chance.
I also help people look for a rescue, or pup that they would like to add to their family. All you need to do is email me. I am a Boxer nut and enjoy helping others. I do it for FREE, that is the word everyone likes.. Ha ha ha
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This is Sidney Brooke & Gage Coal. Be sure to check out their pages to watch how they have grown.

"How Popular Are Boxers ?"
*Boxers Ranked 9th Place out of 148 Akc Breeds !

We have started a message board for boxers in need....please visit it if you know of a boxer in need in Pa.

There will no longer be a message board because of some assholes filling it with porn links !!!

This is me, Amy, the website owner and owner of these 2 wild and crazy clowns.
I was inspired by this wonderful breed and from my 1st boxer baby, Coco, to create this site for myself and others to enjoy. The Boxer is a very Beautiful, Loving and Caring breed of canine.
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